How to Generate Business Leads?

In contrast to the more emotion-driven B2C marketing, B2B lead generation, while using emotive messages too, is focused on rational decision-making: targeting your audience’s demographic, providing effective solutions, and maintaining open communication. The major difference between B2C and B2B lead generation strategies is that the latter is aimed at building personal relationships with prospects and customers. When sales reps lay their hands on leads data, they are interested in finding the most qualified and hot leads. Names, business phone numbers, titles, names of companies, LinkedIn handlers, and Skype and email addresses, any type of leads data available online can take sales reps to getting in contact with targeted audiences. Remember about the three principles of interacting with leads online:

1. B2B sales lead data is open-source information. It includes any contact information, some numbers about the company’s performance, the company’s partners, tools, services, accomplishments, and whatnot that can be used for business purposes. Business lead data is not private information about how customers make their purchasing decisions that customers can be anxious about.

2. Business leads require business communication. Marketers, appointment setters, or sales reps, who establish the first contact with B2B sales leads, are encouraged not to use scripts and clichéd language to make interaction more casual and organic. However, ‘casual’ doesn’t mean unprofessional or too unceremonious. Remain within the boundaries of professional topics and professional conduct. Contact leads only via business-relevant channels such as LinkedIn or their business email address or phone number. Don’t bother your leads outside of office hours. Go easy on small talk, especially at early stages of your interaction.    

3. Business lead quality is essential. Ideal Customer Profiles will help your appointment setters and sales reps sort out the most suitable and relevant leads. It is in your interests, in terms of time and efforts your teams spend on lead generation, to target specifically your audience that is most likely to use your product/service.  

With that being said, the question of How to Generate Business Leads remains open. Whether you do it in-house or outsource b2b lead generation services, what do you need to know about generating B2B leads?

How to Arrange Your B2B Sales Lead Generation?

B2B sales lead generation involves people interested in the product or service providing their contact information. From outbound email campaigns to social media marketing, there are a multitude of ways of generating business leads. The most common ways of gathering leads’ contact information is through submission forms on landing pages and websites, direct messages on social media, and customized webinar registrations. Let’s examine less obvious ways of B2B lead generation.

Hiring a Lead Generation Company

Outsourcing lead generation especially makes sense for small businesses that want to use their sales force more precisely and effectively. If you want to spend your bucks wisely, don’t simply buy unqualified lead lists. Instead, research the lead generation market and hire the best performing lead generation company that sources, validates, and even nurtures prospects for you. This type of cooperation will require you to provide the lead generation company of your choice with a lot of information on the type of business you have, Ideal Customer Profiles, and other useful data. But in the long run, you get high-quality leads ready to become your clients at a high rate.

Discuss Your Product Offline

Although the bulk of business activities take place online, people still make contact and set up business events IRL. Attending relevant trade shows is one of the greatest opportunities to demonstrate your product to new audiences. However, we don’t only suggest setting up your business’s booth and spreading leaflets and business cards with your company’s logo on it. Speaking at a business event is a more successful strategy. If you personally feel like learning to do public speaking will take you ages, sign up the best oratory employee on your team or invite a guest speaker and do the presentation of your company with a flair.   

Create a Discussion of Your Product Online

We mean using product reviews and testimonials to spread the news of your product’s strong sides far and wide. We’re not talking about fake reviews created by bots taught with machine-learning algorithms. Encourage your existing clients to leave feedback on a review site by offering them a free checklist, a discount, or a webinar for it. Keeping in mind that writing a customer review is not an easy thing for most people, provide a template for review or guide your customers with questions (What motivated you to choose this company? Are you satisfied with the solution offered by the company? What do you like about online tech support the most?).

Use Correct Lead Generator Tools

Make sure you don’t lose leads by using ineffective lead generator tools. There is no need to buy all the software you need. There are many free website tracking tools and Customer Relations Management software. Depending on your needs, you can pull together a toolbox of free and subscription-based tools. For example, Folderly is a spam checker that ensures your messages reach the recipient and improves email deliverability for email campaigns.

That’s It?

The topic of lead generation is bottomless. If you are a novice in it, learning how to generate leads effectively will take some time. If you are an oldie, you know that we have just scratched a surface. The main thing is to remember that lead generation is not limited to posting informative and engaging content online and entering email addresses and phone numbers into B2B lead lists. Leads require relentless qualification and nurturing. Some businesses opt to assign this part of lead generation to third parties. At Belkins, we have had years of hand-picking and nurturing leads before handing them over to our clients’ sales teams. If you want to explore lead generation further, stay tuned.

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