FTMO reviews: the pricing of FTMO

Three traders who met in a Prague office and decided to collaborate led to the creation of FTMO in 2014. Initially, FTMO was called Ziskejucet. CZ. However, FTMO is now known after the company expanded and obtained funding in 2017. Each of these three traders (founders) made a valuable contribution to the creation of a trading system that was specifically suited to their requirements and novel risk-management concepts. Thanks to its ongoing innovation, FTMO is the best proprietary trading company. Let’s look into the FTMO reviews.

The cost of FTMO

Scaled pricing is used by FTMO. Starting at EUR155, the price goes up to EUR1080. Trading capital can range from EUR 10,000 to EUR 160,000 depending on the FTMO challenge.

A sample price structure is shown below:

FTMO Challenge for EUR155

After paying the EUR155 needed to take part in the FTMO Challenge, you will get EUR 10,000 as your first trading capital.

FTMO Challenge of EUR250

After you have paid the EUR250 necessary to take part in the FTMO Challenge, you will get EUR 10,000 as your first trading capital.

You will receive an initial trading capital of EUR 20,000, which is equal to USD 25,000, GBP 20,000, or CHF 20,000, in order to take part in the FTMO Swing. 30,000 CAD, 30,000 AUD

FTMO attributes

FTMO has a ton of fantastic features. We shall examine some of FTMO’s most striking characteristics in further detail.

The FTMO Prop Traders can monitor their development by utilizing Account Metrix. This online application is novel and state-of-the-art.

Investing Simulator

You may develop your risk management abilities by drawing on your trade experience. 

Statistical Program

Market behavior may be predicted using the statistical application’s relevant probability and numerical probabilities.

Mentoring Request

Mentoring programs support traders’ commitment and help them become more effective.

Performance of FTMO

Each month, FTMO starts around 6 million deals. Just 8 hours pass on average between payouts. The amount paid so far in 2022 is $70 million. 80 to 90 percent of successful traders’ profits are realized.

The FTMO platform now has investors from more than 180 nations.

By 2022, FTMO had won three Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards. FTMO has been highlighted by Forbes, and this business has a promising future.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The best trading conditions may be found at FTMO. FTMO Solutions provides many different asset kinds, cheap fees, and super-raw spreads. It’s nice that there are no recurring fees or hidden costs with FTMO. Refund a one-time cost instead, and FTMO will pay back your initial amount.

The sole element that discourages traders is the two-step assessment. Other trading companies’ two-step processes are quicker than this one. It’s simple to do and will pay off financially.

Final Thoughts on FTMO

For traders with a lot of trading expertise, FTMO is an excellent trading organization. It provides demanding trading conditions and lucrative trading returns.

For the purpose of developing your trading skills and increasing your consistency, you established the FTMO Challenge. The best thing is that after receiving your first profit share, your one-time charge will be returned.

Like all investments, you must manage your risk and make sure that your account can handle the leverage of 1:100. Let’s learn about what is a prop trading.

What is Prop Trading?

As mentioned, a prop trading company is usually a large financial institution directly engaging in stock market activities. Prop trading is when a trading desk of a financial institution uses its resources and accounts for self-promotion monetary trades. These trades are usually speculative and can be done through various complex investment vehicles or derivatives.

It is only part of the firm that trades. The trades are made through prop traders. Prop traders are independent traders who can trade through the company’s account. Trades are made with company funds.

To become a prop trader, you must first deposit a sum called risk contribution. The company will give you the leverage you need. Your risk contribution is what determines your level of leverage. You may be wondering what the risk contribution is. The trader’s risk contribution (or deposit) compensates for any losses incurred during trades.

Your risk contribution shows that your company has your best interests at heart. You will not be involved in hazardous trades as you could lose your money. The company is responsible for each stock trade, not the prop trader.

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