Everything You Need to Know About Micro Sleeping 

Dozing off while bingeing Netflix or at your desk at work is not unheard of, and fatigue is explanation enough. But do you find yourself day dozing amid tasks, like driving, cooking, or even when having conversations without intending to? This is what most people call micro sleeping.

What is micro sleeping?

Microsleeping is when we experience short bursts of sleep involuntarily. Microsleeps are quick, typically 3-5 seconds; however, some episodes could last up to 30 seconds. When someone microsleeps, the neurons in their brain stop firing, which turns off our slumber switch. And as we fight our brains to stay awake, we slip in and out of consciousness, thus the short bursts of sleep.

3 Reasons Why You Might Be Micro Sleeping

Microsleeping can be attributed to three things;

  • Lack of rest. It makes sense that micro-sleeping is a result of sleep deprivation because when one is not well-rested, they tend to doze off.
  • Sleeping disorders like insomnia, and sleep conditions like apnea and narcolepsy can result in one micro sleeping. The sweet zzz bamboo weighted blanket can help with restlessness offering Deep Touch Pressure that keeps one comfortable and relaxed.
  • Night shifts tend to throw our internal body clocks off, and because our bodies are optimized to stay awake during the day, thus we tend to microsleep at night.

In some cases, people who experience micro-sleeping do not even notice that they are dozing off. However, some warning signs have been associated with micro sleeping.

  • Constant blinking.
  • Excessive yawning.
  • Sudden body jerks.
  • Unresponsiveness.
  • Staring blankly.
  • Dropping your head.

What To Do When You Microsleep

Before you seek treatment, you need to find the causes of your micro sleeping. The following are some ways you can avoid micro sleeping.

  • There are treatments for sleep disorders including therapy, a change of sleep habits, and in some cases, medication meant to help people to sleep.
  • If neither is a solution for you, you can find products designed to shock people back to consciousness when they start micro-sleeping.
  • Try micro naps. A micro nap is a great way to replenish when you need to. Typically, micro naps can take 20 to 30 minutes; however, you need to train your body to take them.

Rest up

If you are micro-sleeping, one thing is clear; you need some rest. Sleeping well during the night can help with microsleeps preventing you from being exhausted or sleep-deprived during the night. To ensure this, ensure you are comfortable before sleeping, and your room is quiet. Sweet zzz bamboo sheets are silky smooth, breathable, and temperature regulating to ensure you are plenty comfortable throughout your sleep. The sheets’ temperature regulating features keep them cool on hot nights and warm when cool helps with sleep disruptions.

Bottom Line

Zoning in and out of consciousness can pose a significant danger both to you and those around you. With this insightful piece, you should notice some signs of micro sleeping and gain some edge on your episodes. Microsleeping can complicate even our simple daily tasks, so if you cannot manage your micro sleeping, seek a doctor’s opinion.

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