Enhance Your Breasts’ Appearance with Fat Grafting

Have you ever thought about how you would wish to move a tiny bit of fat from one region to another desirable location? Well, you are not alone! You may be surprised to find out that the solution to your concern is actually feasible. Numerous persons efficiently achieve the modest alterations in their look that they desire with a fat grafting procedure. Fat grafting, commonly known as autologous fat transfer, is a surgical treatment performed in breast augmentation and reconstruction to add fullness to a region or conceal implant edges or rippling. Board-certified surgeon Matthew J. Lynch, MD, in East Windsor, New Jersey, blends artistic vision and medical knowledge with a laser-like focus on cosmetic, functional, and reconstructive breast surgery. Explore the benefits of East Windsor fat grafting by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.

What Exactly is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer, is an invasive procedure that uses fat from your own body to enhance the contours of your breast in breast reconstruction surgery. You could be a prospect for fat grafting following removal of your breast during a partial or complete mastectomy.

Dr. Lynch might also suggest fat grafting in conjunction with other reconstruction options like a flap reconstruction or breast implant. You may also require fat grafting following radiation therapy for breast cancer to address breast alterations caused by the treatment.

What to Expect During Fat Grafting?

Employing a personalized approach to treatment, Dr. Lynch and his colleagues work closely with patients to ensure they are well-informed, well-prepared, and sincerely cared for both before and after their treatment. Throughout a fat grafting surgery, you could anticipate your doctor administering general anesthesia to maintain you comfortable.

Dr. Lynch uses liposuction technology to eliminate fat from another area of your body, commonly your abdomen or thigh. He readies the fat before introducing it into specific areas of your breast to reshape it. Surgery aims to develop a breast that looks as natural as feasible.

The effectiveness of the graft is dependent on your blood supply in the breast region. Thus, you might need more than a single fat graft treatment to attain the best results. If you want to enhance the size of your breasts, you may need several fat grafting procedures.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Fat Grafting?

The ability to rebuild your breast using your own tissue rather than a breast implant is a major advantage of fat grafting in breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Lynch employs the safest saline and silicone implants in reconstructive surgery. Nonetheless, using your tissue reduces your chance of associated complications.

Another huge advantage of fat grafting is that Dr. Lynch can eliminate excess fat from other regions of your body, like your abdomen, to trim you down and enhance your natural body contours.

To determine if you are a candidate for fat grafting as a component of your breast reconstruction, schedule a consultation at Matthew J. Lynch, MD. Call the office or book online to get started.

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