Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Troubleshooting 

Is your double acting hydraulic cylinder acting up? Are you unable to lift loads or retract your cylinder at all? Or maybe you are sensing leaks inside the system and are unsure of how to fix it.

Such problems are common with hydraulic cylinders. The causes and solutions to these problems come down to the quality of the cylinder components, leakages, and at times the trapping of air. The good news is all these problems are fixable!

Without any further ado, here are some common problems with hydraulic cylinders and their troubleshooting ideas.

Are You Unable to Raise or Lower Loads?

There are a few things you should check if such a problem occurs:

  •   Recheck the hoses to make sure that they are connected properly. Also, check the couplings and see that they are correctly engaged.
  •   Examine the pump. Check if it’s malfunctioning or if the oil reserve is too low. You may need to fuel it up.
  •   Make sure the weight you’re lifting is within the weight limits of the cylinder. Especially in the case of a load return cylinder. You need a specific amount of weight for the cylinder to retract.

Does your cylinder not advance at all? Or advances slowly in spurts?

If your cylinder won’t extend or advance at all, it could be for a number of reasons. There may not be enough oil, issues in internal components like the couplers, or trapped air, etc.

Try these troubleshooting hacks:

  •   Check the oil and make sure it’s full and not leaking.
  •   Check that the couplers are working fine.
  •   If you’re using a hand pump, make sure the release valve isn’t open.
  •   In case there’s air trapped in the line, for a double acting hydraulic cylinder, lay it on its side with the couplers facing up, and cycle it 2-3 times to release air.

Have You Noticed a Power Loss?

Possible reasons for a power loss could be internal leaking, failure of the hydraulic pump, or wrong valve settings. This could make your hydraulic cylinder ineffective.

Examine the piston head and the tube and make sure the pump and valve are working correctly. If you notice complex issues get professional help.

Are You Facing Issues With Retracting?

One reason for this could be the wearing-off of the seals which may result in fluid leakage or port blockage. Check your seals regularly. Make sure the replacement seals are the correct fit and of suitable material for your hydraulic cylinder.

Another reason could be the bent or dented piston rods as a result of external impact or operation overload. You will need to check for any damages and immediately repair or replace the rods to prevent any safety hazard.

Is Your Hydraulic Cylinder Retracting when it Shouldn’t?

Such a problem could arise due to internal fluid leaks which cause the cylinder to slowly retract while it is under load. This can prove extremely dangerous if not immediately fixed.

Make sure to regularly inspect the hydraulic fluid levels and check for any leakages. Regular checks and correct hydraulic cylinders are the best way to bypass this problem.

The abovementioned troubleshooting ideas can help you analyze and fix problems. However, we do advise you to consult the manufacturer or the company you bought your double acting hydraulic cylinder from before you dirty your own hands. You want to prevent causing any further mishaps.

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