Different types of salmon

Aren’t you curious about what kind of salmon you consuming? Don’t you want to figure out that which class of salmon tastes amazing? Well, if we think about the salmon then it’s the popular seafood that’s widely eaten. You must be well aware of it but there are different kinds of salmon. So, do you know about them?  Probably not, but some of them also know about the salmon and the types of salmon.

You are the luckier one if you know but if don’t then be prepared because you are also be going to learn. Once you know some basic details then it will be easier to you for selecting salmon and their types. Each salmon have different taste and appearance but they are just slightly differing not much more.

Salmon is famous and know it is the part of the dinner as well. So, the demand is high then the purchase is also high. The fisher man also tries to catch all the different type of salmon and try to keep up a salmon sale because even the minorities can enjoy the salmon seafood.  Let’s keep a look that how salmons differ from one and another and their characteristics.

1) Chinook salmon

It is one of the best types of salmon fish also known as the king of salmon. The Chinook is one of the types which consist of high-fat content. The fish is pink to red from the center and it is juicy and tender to eat. When is cooked the rich flavor takes it to the other level.

2) Coho salmon

Coho is known as the silverfish the reason is that the color of its skin is silver. The flesh of coho is bright red. As for the taste, it is similar to Chinook but the cohort is more delicate to eat and softer chewable. It is one of salmon whose taste will be long-lasting in your mouth.

3) Pink salmon

The pink salmon is also considered the humpy because of the hump they got when swamping. These are very light flavors of pink flesh salmons. The most interesting part is this fish is low content in fat and also known as healthy for you so the diet consciousness that is a happy meal for you. The fish is mostly found in the Pacific Ocean and for cooked it can be smoked or baked and for selling it can be sold fresh or canned.

4) Sockeye

The sockeye is red-fleshed fish. This salmon fish is also known as the broth red-eye. If you go to a fish market it will go to catch your eye because of the unique flesh color it has.

5) Salmon salar

Most fishes are found in the Pacific but it is the fish that is found in the Atlantic. The high-fat fish with the unique taste must be given a try. It is one of the salmon which is farmed and has a similar taste.

6) Chum

As the name is unique the appearance is more unique also known for its dog-like appearance because of the teeth. This is also one of the low-fat fish.


I hope that above mentioned details and basic knowledge will help you understand the difference between the salmon types.  After reading I must sure that you can easy recognize the type of salmon from their appearance. So, enjoy different types of salmon at home.

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