Are CSGO Betting Sites Legit?

Popular first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has become a phenomenon in esports. With esports came the growth of online gambling sites offering CSGO betting services. Let us examine the legitimacy of CSGO betting sites to determine whether you can trust them.

What We Know About CSGO

CSGO betting sites allow players to bet on the outcome of CSGO matches and tournaments and sometimes trade skins and items for cash or other virtual goods.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive contains two teams of five players each. One team takes on the role of the terrorists, whose mission is to put a bomb in one of the bomb sites before the game timer runs out. The counter-terrorists mission is to destroy the terrorists or defuse the bomb in time if the terrorists manage to plant it.

CSGO has an average player base of 400,000, with monthly highs of an astonishing 750,000. So you can always watch a game on your computer and even place a wager on it! To understand the nature of CSGO betting sites, we must look at what led to their rise and growth.  

In 2013, before skin gambling was a thing, Valve chose to add random “drops” of skins or cases with skins. Players could buy, sell or trade the skins and cases with each other. The number of players and, by extension, gaming, and betting sites grew significantly. 

What are Fake CSGO Gambling Sites?

Much debate has been surrounding the legitimacy of CSGO betting sites. Are they trustworthy and safe for players to use, or are they scams that exploit vulnerable players? While some CSGO betting sites are legitimate and provide a safe and secure betting environment, others are scams seeking to exploit susceptible players.

Fake betting sites involve players using their weapon skins as currency and logging into a fraudulent Steam client account that shares their passwords and login information with a scammer. The fraudulent Steam account lets you log into your account and trade all your skins for theirs without you being able to retrieve them.

You can quickly identify fake CSGO Steam clients by checking if they provide the wrong URLs to their websites. Legit CSGO betting sites should accept real money or cryptocurrency. In-game currency sites are frequently unlicensed and unregulated, compromising the safety of players.

How To Identify Legit CSGO Betting Sites

Gamers can use gambling site reviewers and aggregators such as CSGO book to rank and identify legit betting sites.

To identify a reliable and trustworthy betting site, you need to check the following:

  • A reasonable and not overly burdensome registration process.
  • Fast deposit and payout speeds, indicating available resources and systems in place.
  • Having responsive and helpful live customer support.
  • Adherence to fair gaming practices.
  • Peer reviews
  • Third-party evaluations and certifications.
  • A wide range of markets.
  • History of the site.
  • Promotions and bonuses.
  • Transparent and interactive site design.

Betting With CSGO Skins

The legitimacy of CSGO betting sites is a complex issue. Before using any CSGO betting site, players must research issues such as licensing, security measures, and reputation. As a player,  always exercise caution and only use reputable CSGO betting sites to protect your money and personal information.

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