Apps to make your life more comfortable and modern

Here’s a mini task for y’all folks. Click your home button and look for productive apps on your mobile phone. Did you find any?

You must be wondering about apps like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. But do these apps make your life productive? No, but if you found the Bangla typing keyboard in your list, then you’re a step ahead of everyone.

Let’s be a little honest here. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Without modern technology, it wouldn’t be as comfortable as it is right now.

The main use of smartphones is to keep in contact with the people who are close to us, for news, entertainment as well as work. Mobile applications work as a medium through which we live our life more conveniently.

Let us help you find the best apps to make your life more comfortable and modern. With these apps on your mobile devices, you can be a little more productive too.


  • VSCO Cam- All the editing lovers would agree to this, that there’s no editing app like VSCO. Hard to pronounce but fun to use!

The VSCO Cam enables you to edit any picture. The filters provided by this app are totally according to our mood and lifestyle.

  • Trello- To everyone who loves everything nicely arranged when it comes to forming a to-do list. This app is made for you.

This app provides a slightly more visual representation of your to-dos. It allows you to create boards for different projects and separate shareable lists within them. It helps in assigning tasks with separate cards.

  • Wunderlist- Wunderlist is an app that allows you to create a list of your favourites. It can either be your favourite list of restaurants or city sights or even your favourite movies.

You can keep track of all the minute details. The Wunderlist app is a complete package of so many features. It’s just very convenient, comfortable, and modern as well.

  • Bangla Keyboard- An app that is literally the brother of every app! Yes, not a single app would work properly if you do not have an advanced keyboard.

To all the Bengali peeps, here’s the app that makes your life a lot more productive than you can ever imagine. Can you use any application without any help from your mobile keyboard?

Well, you can’t! If you’re using a default keyboard then it is full of bugs and glitches. This Bangla app is for all the folks of Kerala who are still looking for a smooth keyboard.

The Bangla Keyboard has a lot of features with different themes and fonts at the same time. You can send stickers, emojis, memes, jokes, and many more to your friends and family members.

Live a simple, modern, and convenient life with the Bangla Keyboard. It is very hard to find a keyboard that runs smoothly and provides endless features.

The features of the Bangla Keyboard run so smoothly that you’ll live an easy-going life. Use as many apps of your choice, have fun-filled conversations with people, and so on.

Let’s discuss some of the productive features to make your life comfortable and convenient:

  • Bengali Stickers are the next big thing every Bengali is excited about. You can send Bangla stickers now with Bengali texts on them. People keep a good collection of stickers to show off their taste in sarcastic stickers.
  • You also can discuss your favourite Movie quotes while chatting and share them simultaneously. Everything becomes amazing when you have the Bangla Keyboard with you.
  • Voice Typing is a highly accurate and incredibly fast typing feature. As soon as you click on the feature and start speaking, the keyboard automatically starts typing your texts with correct spellings and no such errors.
  • If you are having a conversation with someone who is not fluent in the language. You can still type your text in the Bangla language and translate the text into the language the other person is comfortable in. In this way, it will become easy for both parties.
  • Sending avatars is another big thing after stickers. You can create your avatars and send them to your friends to show your creativity. The avatars are now also being used to promote products and services.

The keyboard is all yours, it is you who will think of ways through which your life can be as convenient as you want. You can discover new hacks and tricks while using the apps mentioned in this blog.

All these apps featured above are productive in their own manner. You can maintain your mental peace when you have these apps on your mobile phone.

Download Bangla Keyboard App and live a comfortable life while having conversations with your loved ones in the Bangla language. If you’re fond of learning new languages, start learning Bengali. Read, Write and chat with Bangla typing Keyboard!

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