6 Actionable Amazon SEO Tips to Boost Your Sales

2020 was a good year for Amazon, ending the last quarter with their highest sales numbers so far. It’s only expected to grow from here, and many businesses have finally realized how important it is in this day and age to incorporate eCommerce into their marketing strategy. 

However, the struggle with breaking into Amazon is that there are over 5 million sellers on Amazon. To get ahead of your competitors and get those much-needed conversions, you’ll have to implement an effective Amazon SEO strategy. 

SEO tips from Amazon SEO experts

Here are 6 ways you can boost your ranking on Amazon search results pages.

  • Do keyword research

As with any SEO strategy, the first step is to determine what keywords to target. Knowing the most common and most popular keywords relevant to your products will help you know how to connect your products to the people most interested in them. The Amazon search suggestions are an easy and free way to know what the most searched keywords are. For example, if you’re selling hair care products, you’ll find that some of the most frequently searched terms that start with hair care are “hair care products for women”, “hair care for men”, “hair care growth”, “hair care for curly hair”, etc. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Amazon software for Amazon sales

  • Optimize your product title

While Amazon allows you a maximum of 250 characters for your listing title, it suppresses listings with titles that are too long. Additionally, having a long product title will overwhelm the customer. Keep it simple. While some products require more information (i.e. appliances should include wattage and volume in the title, such as “Black+Decker 72Oz Countertop Blender, 1100W”), some products are fine just having the product’s name and brand on the title (i.e. “Adidas Men’s Ultraboost DNA Sneaker”). You may also want to include product features that people will be specifically looking out for like “waterproof” or “universal”. Since the product title gets cut off on the search results pages, it’s good practice to put the most important words first so customers can see them immediately.

  • Use the right images

For some industries like fashion, online shoppers rely heavily on product images to finalize their decision to purchase, so if your listing only contains grainy and unattractive photos, don’t expect customers to buy your products. While using poor quality images doesn’t impact your Amazon SEO, it will impact your sales and how many product reviews you get, and that is what will affect your SEO. Investing in professional photography services will not just improve your revenue, but it will also boost your business’s reputation. Amazon allows you to post images that are larger than 1000×1000 pixels, so take advantage of it and post high-resolution images to help customers get a close-up view of the product.

  • Improve your product description

The product description is the seller’s chance to convince the customer to buy their product. Amazon allows for a maximum of 2000 characters in this portion of the listing, so you have to make every word count. This could be a make-or-break for consumers. For some of them, if the product description doesn’t answer most, if not all, their possible questions on a product, they’ll simply opt-out and go for another merchant who can provide them with more information. When you’re writing an SEO-optimized product description, use keywords to ensure your product is visible on people’s searches. Besides the title, keywords should also be present across the description. Amazon matches products to search terms by parsing the description if it contains that term. Use variants of a keyword so you can target many search terms with one listing (i.e. saying “notebook” alongside “laptop”). Provide all the necessary information. Ask yourself what people need to know about the product when buying it (i.e. people buying furniture will need to know product dimensions and material, those buying shoes will need a size chart, etc.).

  • Manage your product reviews

One of the biggest contributing factors to Amazon SEO is your reviews and ratings. When ranking products, the Amazon algorithm considers the rating and the number of reviews. By taking both into account, you’ll avoid the scenario of a product with a single review with a 5-star rating ranking higher than someone with a thousand reviews but a 4.5-star rating. Amazon understands that products with more reviews are more valuable to consumers, so they bump up products that are more highly reviewed. 

Online reviews are a must for any business because 91% of people trust them more than they trust the product description. Online shoppers rely on product reviews for information that the seller may have failed to mention or to see if there’s truth to their claims. If you have too few reviews, it won’t just affect your SEO, it’ll also affect your sales. Encourage past customers to leave reviews, and take the effort to respond to reviews, positive or negative. You can offset the negativity caused by bad reviews by demonstrating that you’re willing to apologize and make things right.

  • Price your products appropriately

Online shopping has made it easier than ever for customers to compare product prices. Amazon even has a sorting filter that allows users to arrange items in order of ascending price. This means that if you’re pricing your products too high, you’ll likely end up at the bottom of the pile. To improve your sales and product’s ranking on the search results pages, check how much your competitors are pricing their products. Try to compete by matching their prices or selling yours for lower. You can afford to be a little more expensive if your product is proven superior, or your business has a reputation for good customer service, or you can provide faster shipping.

While Amazon offers a convenient platform for buying and selling, you shouldn’t expect to get rich just by posting your items on Amazon. Sellers still have to work hard to secure their business’s success on this site. By studying the Amazon landscape, doing adequate research, and consulting with Amazon SEO experts, you can develop a solid marketing strategy that can help your online business thrive.  To find more information about importance of branding, you should try amazon handmade fees for Amazon sales  

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